NVP 2019

NVP 2019

Egmond aan Zee, NL
19-21 Dec 2019

Part of our lab had the chance to attend the biennial NVP conference last December (2019) at the Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee (close to the sea in the north of the Netherlands). NVP is one of the best conferences to attend in the Netherlands. NVP is known for the high quality of research presented there in psychonomics, cognitive (neuro)science, and psychology across all Dutch universities (and some from Belgium). Its intimate setting (inside a well-equipped hotel, with bars, bowling alley, disco, and more) makes it perfect for networking. Diverse research presented from our group was the following (first author name):

“Does contrasting similar words facilitate the integration of L2 vocabulary into the mental lexicon?” (P. Baxter),

“Task-evoked pupil dilation as a measure of expectations during decision-making” (O. Colizoli),

“Observed and committed errors in auditory lexical decisions” (D. Özkan).

Other attendees included Dr. S. Bultena and Prof.dr. H. Bekkering