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Lukas Ansteeg

PhD Student

Donders Centre for Cognition

I am a PhD candidate working on a computational model for the mental lexicon in regard to L2 acquisition. My project “How does model-based learning influence development of the individual vocabulary model?” is part of the MindSort project. We are developing a serious game for L2 lexicon acquisition built on model-based learning. Our aim is to take advantage of our understanding of mental lexical representation to design a learning method which teaches vocabulary in a personalized and intuitive way. For this we especially focus on semantic, orthographic, and phonological distance.

My background is in Game Design (B.Eng.) and Educational Technologies (M.Sc.). I have been working on the language learning game Ludoversity, which tried to teach vocabulary incidentally through an entertainment game. I’m interested in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Serious Games.

I am currently a teaching assistant on the courses Brain4AI, Intro AI B and Human-Computer Interaction.

  1. 2016

    MSc Education (Learning & Technology)

    University of Oxford, UK
  2. 2015

    BEng Game Design

    Breda University of Applied Sciences