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Olympia Colizoli

Post-doctoral researcher

Donders Centre for Cognition

The driving motivation behind my research is the fact that our brains are not passive receivers of external information, but instead actively construct experience. My research ultimately aims to answer the question: how do our brains decide what we see? I address this question by combining different neuroimaging approaches, computational modeling of behavior, and physiological data, often with special populations and the development of new learning paradigms. 

Outside of my fundamental research, I am interested in applying training techniques in order to boost attention and motivation in learning and to develop educational tools for the general public. In addition, I am passionate about interdisciplinary communication, especially engaging people to make a connection between science and art. 

  1. 2014

    PhD Cognitive Neuroscience

    University of Amsterdam, NL
  2. 2008

    MSc Brain and Behavioral Sciences, cum laude

    University of Amsterdam, NL
  3. 2005

    BSc Mathematics, Philosophy, cum laude

    Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, USA