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Toon Holman

Master's Student

Donders Centre for Cognition

Tony (Toon) is currently doing their Master’s internship with the SENSe lab under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Harold Bekkering, and post-docs Lieke van Lieshout and Dr. Olympia Colizoli. In line with our interest in motivation research, they want to explore the neural underpinnings of intrinsic motivation and its relation to extrinsic motivation. Specifically, they’ll be looking into how the hotly debated undermining effect of rewards on motivation interact with the established positive effects of autonomy and self-directed learning in an fMRI experiment. During parts of the project, Tony is assisted by bachelor honours student Florian, whose sister-project investigates different behavioural manipulations of the same paradigm.

Tony completed a Bachelor in Liberal Arts and Sciences, with a focus in Cognitive Science, Psychology, and Life Science, at University College Roosevelt, an honours college of Utrecht University. Tony’s interested in just about everything, from musical theatre to history, and can often be found lost for hours on Wikipedia or YouTube’s edutainment channels. In addition to studyig, Tony is an active member of a theatre group, student choir, study association Dondrite, and several political organisations, striving to make them more inclusive wherever possible.


  1. 2019

    Master of Science (Research) Cognitive Neuroscience

    Donders Institute
  2. 2015

    Liberal Arts and Sciences (Cognitive Science, Psychology, Life Science)

    University College Roosevelt/Utrecht University - Middelburg
  3. 2009

    VWO (N&G)

    Goois Lyceum - Bussum

Previous work experience

  1. 2018-2019
    Pupil guidance
    Anneke Bijkerk - Developmental psychologist, pupil- and homework guidance - Utrecht
  2. 2017
    Bachelor's research internship
    St. Antonius Ziekenhuis Hospital - Nieuwegein, WVO Zorg Dementia Care - Vlissingen